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About Us

 We have 2 locations and over 200 acres in production. Our main office and farm are located on 175 acres in Eagle Creek which consist of can yard, greenhouse, staging areas, sawdust storage, loading docks and truck scales.  We weigh every shipment in order to maximize the payload. 

Virtual Tour

Despite years of interaction, many of our customers from around the US, some have never seen our farm. Others have been kept away for the previous years due to the corona virus. We want you to see where we work and play, so we made a short virtual tour!

Only The Finest

Patterson Nursery Sales is a grower and hands-on brokerage of some of the finest conifers and Japanese maples available in the Pacific Northwest. Whether your needs are production liners, retail ready, landscape sized, or true specimen materials, we recognize the importance of quality. Whatever your needs may be, we strive to provide the finest plants to meet your exact specifications. 


34 Years and Counting

     Patterson Nursery Sales Inc. originated in the fall of 1986 and was established on 5 acres near Boring, OR in spring of 1987.
     It was solely a brokerage at that time and the primary goal was to sell absolutely the finest Oregon plant materials while providing exceptional ‘hands-on’ service.

As the years passed, PNS, Inc. further developed its niche as a supplier of true specimen: rare, and high quality landscape sized materials. The 5 acres became fully developed and stocked, eventually making it necessary to purchase and develop additional acreage as it became available. The ‘yard,’ as we call it, grew to more than 30 acres consisting of our office, loading and staging areas, greenhouses, can yard and truck scales.

     In 1997, we purchased 100 acres in Eagle Creek, just about 10 minutes away. We began lining out materials that were integral to our annual sales. The farm has grown to approximately 175 acres and we have developed it to include loading and staging areas, greenhouses, can yard and truck scales, keeping it consistent with our original facility. In winter of 2019 we moved all of our operations and offices to the Eagle Creek location to improve our efficiency for our customers and our growing operation.

     Today, some thirty three springs later, we have grown to more than 200 acres with 50+ employees. Yet the goal remains the same….to sell the absolute finest material available in Oregon, provide excellent customer service and the same ‘hands-on’ attention to detail.

     It seems to be an endless challenge….a challenge we welcome !

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