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We're a Wholesale Nursery Located in Oregon.


Patterson Nursery Sales, Inc. is a grower and hands-on brokerage of the finest conifers and Japanese maples available in the Pacific Northwest. We are strictly wholesale, providing bulk quantities of nursery goods at a dependable quality. 

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Growing Daily

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Patterson Nursery Sales is officially incorporated. The company's goal is to sell the finest Oregon Plant materials and provide exceptional 'hands-on' service.

The company is established on 5 acres in Boring, Oregon, solely functioning as a brokerage at this time.

The nursery acquires 100 acres in Eagle Creek. In addition to functioning as a brokerage, the company now cultivates its own high-quality products in large quantities. This location has now grown to 175 acres.

The Nursery moves all of operations and offices to the Eagle Creek location to improve efficiency.

Patterson Nursery purchases an additional 40 acres on Judd Road and continues expanding its brokerage operations. 

The company has more than 200 acres in production, 50+ employees and we load hundreds of trucks each week, but our mission is the same as it was three decades ago: to sell the absolute finest plant materials and provide exceptional hands-on service.

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