Patterson Nursery Sales, Inc.

SINCE 1986,

Patterson Nursery Sales, Inc. has been providing top quality wholesale products to customers around the country. We take pride in our name and all that it stands for, but we don't show it off with big signs or banners at our farm; we don't need to. Quality is the Patterson emblem,

and you can see it in everything we produce.


Meet Luis

For decades, Luis has played a pivotal role on our team. Among countless other contributions, he serves as the fulcrum upon which each order swings from written record to tangible reality; without him, our products would be little more than ink on paper. Luis is an embodiment of the diligence and compassion that make us all proud to be part of the Patterson Nursery family. He also has great style-- check out that chili pepper mask!

January 25, 2021


Bill's Corner

Featured plants from our 175 acre location in Eagle Creek, OR



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29300 SE Burnett Rd 

Eagle Creek, OR 97022